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Silicone Softener

LANOSIL 900T CLEAR PASTE C ALL Economical amino-silicone softener suitable for all fibers.
Very soft silky hand feel and very low yellowing properties.
LANOSIL 7E OPAQUE BLUISH LIQUID C COTTON Modified silicone softener which imparts excellent smooth hand feel. Very good elasticity properties on all types of fabrics.
LANOSIL AS-45 CLEAR LIQUID C COTTON General amino-silicone softener. Durable product suitable for all fibers. Very good silky and soft hand feel.
LANOSIL AS-65 OPAQUE BLUISH LIQUID C POLYESTER SYNTHETICS Excellent amino-silicone softener suitable for polyester and synthetic fibers. Very good silky hand feel.
LANOSIL JET YELLOWISH LIQUID C/N ALL Excellent silicone softening agent; stable to shearing and suitable to be applied on conventional jet dye machine. No foaming product.
LANOSIL AS-855 CLEAR LIQUID N/C POLYESTER COTTON Modified silicone softener which imparts excellent smooth hand feel. Exceptional for polyester and polyester cotton blended fabrics.
LANOSIL AM101 CLEAR LIQUID N COTTON Hydrophilic amino-silicone product able to be applied in the dye bath. Very low yellowing and can be applied in the bath with alkali and salts.
LANOSIL WET CLEAR LIQUID C/N COTTON Hydrophilic amino-silicone softener suitable for cellulosic and printed fabrics with very low yellowing results after finishings.
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